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After both the victory and the concession speeches have been delivered and the confetti has been swept off of the floor, there comes a moment when the American people ask themselves, “Now what?” This past Tuesday, Saint Mary’s College of California held a post-election discussion panel for students, faculty, and community members, and had panelists chewing at the tough questions. 

The panel, moderated by Father Mike Russo, contained a host of faculty who followed the election very closely, from politics professors Steve Woolpert and Steve Sloane, to Liberal & Civic Studies professor Monica Fitzgerald, to Tim Farley, the Director of Community and Government Relations. Father Russo kicked off the event by providing background into the election, as well as introducing the commonly perceived images of “no drama Obama” and the very wealthy Governor Romney. With these images, the panel attempted to dissect the media narrative of the presidential race.
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From left to right: Facilitator Emmett McIntyre (’13), Keelia Murphy (’11), Eliot Jackson (’13), Aly Runke (’16), Sophia Anguilla (’15), and Michael Urbina (’14)

This past Wednesday, as various wigs, hats, and deep green ladyfingers were displayed across campus, the Women’s Resource Center hosted an event entitled Changing Perceptions: Stories from the LGBTQIA Community. The panel discussion, facilitated by student Emmett McIntyre, highlighted the unique experiences of Saint Mary’s students who identify as LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Ally). McIntyre, who was also responsible for coordinating the event and gathering the panelists, was interested in this event because he noticed that discussions about the LGBTQIA experience almost always focused on the while males. According to McIntyre, the panel discussion allowed for “a more diverse look at the experience.”

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